Living Wills

In your declaration to physicians, you declare whether your physicians shall withhold or withdraw life-sustaining procedures and feeding tubes in the event of incapacitation and either terminal illness or permanent unconsciousness. A life-sustaining procedure is a procedure that prolongs the process of dying rather than averting death. Feeding tubes include any implementation that provides you nutrients and hydration whether by your nose, stomach, vein, or similar means. The meaning of permanent unconsciousness is that of an irreversible and persistent vegetative state accompanied by a lack of cortical activity in the brain.

The law in Wisconsin assumes that your answers to these deeply personal matters are that you want your physicians to use whatever means available to delay the dying process. Thus, the default is that you want life sustaining procedures and feeding tubes. However, state law also make clear that wanting life sustaining procedures and feeding tubes withdrawn or withheld does not constitute suicide under any circumstance. The state law also holds that the existence or absence of a declaration to physicians cannot impair life insurance nor have an impact on eligibility for health insurance. However, under state law, pregnancy renders a declaration to physicians unenforceable for the duration of the pregnancy.

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