The Discretionary Support Trust Solution

Your child can receive benefits from a discretionary support trust without jeopardizing his or her eligibility for SSI and Medicaid. Like any other trust, you create a discretionary support trust when you give money to a trustee (i.e. a relative or close friend) to manage on behalf of your child. However, the trustee of your discretionary support trust will have the sole discretion of determining when your child will receive benefits from the trust. The trustee has a legal duty to determine when your child needs support and to use the trust money only for supplementing your child’s needs. Both SSI and Medicaid will not consider your discretionary support trust as part of your child’s income when determining your child’s eligibility. So long as the money in the discretionary support trust continues to supplement your child’s special needs, your child will not lose eligibility. This provides an assurance that your child’s standard of care will continue in your absence.

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